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Retaining walls by Creteform Construction Inc. are more than just functional barriers; they are symbols of strength and beauty. Serving Northern Virginia, we specialize in crafting walls that effectively combat soil erosion while adding aesthetic value to your landscapes. Each project begins with a comprehensive plan, ensuring that the wall is tailored to the unique contours and requirements of your property. With a mix of the right materials and expert design, our retaining walls strike the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Embrace the warmth of wood in your landscape with our pressure-treated timbers or durable railroad ties. Our pressure-treated timbers or railroad ties offer a natural look that blends seamlessly with residential settings, making them particularly suitable for smaller wall heights in residential settings. Let our expert team install these cost-effective and easy-to-maintain walls, transforming your property into a charming oasis.

Choose the strength and versatility of concrete as your retaining needs. Our reinforced walls are engineered to handle various applications, ensuring long-term stability and strength. With creative design options, these walls will be both functional and visually appealing, complementing your property's style.

Our retaining wall contractors offer efficient and cost-effective CMU walls customized to your preferences. Select from various colors, shapes, and finishes to match your landscape's aesthetics. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, these walls guarantee both stability and attractiveness.

Elevate your landscape by choosing our interlocking concrete blocks or stones. With expert engineering, our retaining wall contractor services ensure long-lasting stability, even for challenging terrains. Enjoy the flexible design options, creating visually captivating walls that enhance the allure of your outdoor spaces.

Choose an eco-friendly option when you opt for our wire mesh containers filled with stones. Our retaining wall contractor services provide excellent drainage for areas with uneven terrain and erosion prevention. These walls merge harmoniously with the environment, offering an appealing texture to your landscape.

Discover the timeless beauty of natural stone or boulder walls, crafted by our skilled retaining wall contractors. Our retaining wall contractors will craft these irregular shapes into stunning features that add a rustic charm to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the enchanting appeal of these captivating walls.

Our retaining wall contractor services offer sturdy and straightforward solutions for residential landscapes. With proper drainage management, these walls ensure long-term stability for low to medium heights, requiring minimal maintenance.

Opt for our anchored retaining walls if you need taller walls and challenging soil conditions. Our retaining wall contractors are experts in reinforcing these walls with cables or materials, providing additional stability and support. These walls offer versatile and reliable solutions for commercial developments and limited spaces.

Experience the ultimate stability with our reinforced earth retaining walls. Utilizing geosynthetic reinforcements, these walls provide high strength and durability. Engineered for challenging terrains, reinforced earth retaining walls are an excellent choice for projects requiring optimal stability and load-bearing capacity. With expert craftsmanship, our retaining wall contractors will create walls that seamlessly blend strength and aesthetics, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

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